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Exact date and place ?

Reupen (or Ruben?) was an armenian.
He grew up between armenians in Kharput at Elazig in nowadays eastern Turkey.



Om Armenien / about Armenia

Before 1918 huge parts of todays Turkey was inhabited by armenians and was a part of the Ottoman Empire. Since the turkish genocide on the armenians in 1915 armenians are driven out of Turkey.
After WW1 an Armenian state was established inside the Soviet Union. It declared independence 1991.


Uddannelse / education

Massachusetts, USA

Reupen left home in The Ottoman Empire (Turkey) for America.
He graduated 1914 from Tufts University medical school in Massachusetts, USA.


Krig / war

Armenien / Armenia

I USA Reupen received reports abolut the turkish genocide on the armenians in 1915.
All of his family was murdered except one brother Benjamin.
Ruben then returned to Armenia to fight under the armenian general Andranik (or Andranic, or Andranig) against turkish forces against the turkish army. He also had some kind of cooperation with british forces.

He seems to have had a wife with the name Pat. They had no children.
She was a nurse and it is not known whether they were a couple from USA.
Many helpers from other parts of the world entered Armenia to help the population during the severe conditions during the war, and especially after the genocide in 1915.


Flygtning / refugee


After the end of the war Ruben and Pat fled to Tabriz in Iran, which was close to the borders of Armenia and Turkey. Pat was ill and died there soon after.


Viet / married

? Aftandilian
Iran. - Exact date and place ?

Maybe married in Tehran - and living place in Tabriz ?
De fik to børn / They got two children, Oshin and Rima.


Død / dead

Iran. - in Tabriz ?

Reuben caught of typhus from a patient and died at the age of 49, i.e. 1937.

Kilde: Joanna Der-Stepanian, USA